The $100K Challenge – NEGOTIATION *Online Course*

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Terms and conditions Of The TRIPLE YOUR MONEY Guarantee

  1. 1)  Must negotiate and make offers on at least 50 items of $5,000 or more. Houses, cars and furniture are recommended but commercial and industrial properties and goods work too.
  2. 2)  All 50 offers and negotiations must be documented on the attached form to be eligible for the guarantee and challenge.
  3. 3)  Tripling your money is defined as the spread or discount that a seller is willing to take off of their original position if you are a buyer OR if you are seller, profit is defined as an increase in the position of the buyer’s original position.
  4. 4)  Profit is realized for you whether or not you choose to accept the final deal or a buyer or seller
  5. 5)  Company reserves the right to supply a coach free of charge and at the cost of the company to help the student negotiate and actualize the result of tripling their money. Should the student wish to not work with the supplied coach, the guarantee is null and void.
  6. 6)  Failure window, all claims for the DOUBLE your money back guarantee must be made within 1 year and 7 days of the exact date of purchase and exact records must be supplied of:a. Written records of the 50 people met with to pitch for money including, names, dates, phone numbers of these people to spot check for validity. Records must include opening positions of buyer and seller and final positions to assess profit.

    b. A written failure testimonial letter from the student outlining the reasons for failure and why the program could not help them printed in two (2) copies and sent via registered mail to:

i. Help Home Ventures Inc. 50 Picardy Place Unit A, Winnipeg Manitoba,  R3G0X7
Attn: President and Vice President

  1. 7)  A video of the student’s failure testimonial of at least 60 seconds recorded outlining why the program could not help them and their main reason for failure and sent on USB key via registered mail in two (2) copies to
  2.  i. Help Home Ventures Inc. 50 Picardy Place Unit A, Winnipeg Manitoba, R3G0X7
    Attn: President and Vice President
  3. 8)  DOUBLE your money back refunds will be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the President and Vice President of Help Home Ventures Inc and shall be mailed within 30 days of acceptance to the student via cheque.